Thesis Proposals

Want to do your thesis on cybersecurity with us? We can share our time and resources, our research or business-related challenges with you! At V-Research we do research and consultancy in the field of GRC (Governance, Risk, and Compliance) and cybersecurity threat and risk assessment. We are interested in scientific and engineering thesis that may help us in better structure our cybersecurity (threat and risk) assessment processes. We can connect your with our customers for real-world use cases, to give you a better understanding of the challenges we are facing in our day-to-day consultancies. Interested? Send an email to

MsC Students

Emanuel Cirabisi - 2024

Thesis: A methodology for the risk analysis of industrial control systems [pdf, slide (short), slide (extended)]

Enrico Guerra - 2022

Thesis: Formal verification and risk assessment of an implementation of the OPC-UA Protocol [pdf, slide]

Alessandro Busatto - 2021

Thesis (ITA only): Verifica automatica e formale di protocolli di sicurezza descritti attraverso modelli UML [pdf, resources]