Internship Proposals

Internships are focused on engineering new secure software/hardware systems, following the model-based, secure-by-design methodology. You'll (partially) follow our simplified engineering process, through the design, implementation, and testing phases. As part of the internship, you'll also have the opportunity to join our research activities and meetings, to have a coffee with us discussing philosophico-poetical aspects of life, because!

Here we list some representative examples, but you can always propose your own project!

  • wanna believe -- Conclude the "game" the-practical-men (artistic or engineering challenge)
  • wanna engineer -- Design, Implementation, and Testing of mr.hide
  • wanna agriculture -- Design, Implementation, and Testing of green_office
  • wanna encode -- Design, Implementation, and Testing of sha256
  • wanna read -- Design, Implementation, and Testing of 311-library (TBA)

Internship Students

Alessia Gennari - 2021 - WIP
wanna encode

Stefan Manole - 2021 - WIP
olympia project

Mattia Pacchin - 2021 - DEVELOPED
wanna agriculture

Michele Pasetto - 2021 - WIP
wanna engineer